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I am in my second year of the Art History PhD program at Stanford University.


I reviewed Erik Kostiuk WilliamsBabybel Wax Bodysuit and Condo Heartbreak Disco in C Magazine 134 (Summer 2017).

My text on Deirdre Logue’s Enlightened Nonsense was republished in Beyond Her Usual Limits: The Film and Video Works of Deirdre Logue, 1997 to 2017 (Oakville Galleries et al., 2017).

My text on Janis Cole and Holly Dale’s early films was republished in Any Other Way: How Toronto Got Queer (Coach House Books, 2017).

I wrote a short text on Colin Campbell’s video Sackville, I’m Yours for TIFF’s Canada on Screen project.

Published Writing page updated September 2017.


Curating page updated June 2016.


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