Xtra! Writing

“TIFF lands João Pedro Rodrigues retrospective” in Xtra!, 15 June, 2011. Interview with the Portuguese director.

“John Greyson Has Got Us Covered in Xtra!, 10 September, 2009. Feature on filmmaker John Greyson and his new short Covered.

“Hide-&-Seek” in Xtra!, 10 September, 2009. Feature on filmmaker Jamie Travis and his new short The Armoire.

“Queerly Provocative” in Xtra!, 4 December, 2008. Interview and article on Bruce LaBruce for his retrospective at the Royal Theatre, Toronto.

“Ferocious Empathy” in Xtra!, 6 November, 2008. Article on Paul Wong.

“Savagery, Slums & Cinema Magic” in Xtra!, 28 August, 2008. Feature interview with filmmaker Terence Davies and review of his film Of Time and the City at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“High Artifice & Raw Performances” in Xtra!, 17 July, 2008. Article on the Luchino Visconti retrospective at Cinematheque Ontario.

“The Dream Machine” in Xtra!, 10 April, 2008. Interview and review of Nik Sheehan’s documentary FLicKeR at Hot Docs.

“Images Fest: GB Jones” and “Queer View” in Xtra!, 27 March, 2008. Interview and preview of Jones’s film The Lollipop Generation and overview of queer programming at the Images Festival. Reprinted by Dirty Looks and Pleasure Dome in 2014.

“Drawing Blood: Artist Daniel Barrow” in Xtra!, 27 March, 2008. Interview and preview of Barrow’s performance Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry at the Harbourfront Centre (during the Images Festival).

“Viva Anna Biller!” in Xtra!, February 28, 2008. Review of Anna Biller’s film Viva.

“Deviant Wishes” in Xtra!, 6 December, 2007. Interview with John Waters about his one-man Christmas show.

“Diva Face-off” in Xtra!, 13 September, 2007. Interview and profile of artist Francesco Vezzoli.

“Breathing Life into Phantoms” in Xtra!, 7 June, 2007. Interview and profile of filmmaker Barbara Hammer.

“The Lost World of Atlantis” in Xtra!, 24 May, 2007. Review of Mary Jordan’s film Jack Smith and the Destruction of Atlantis.

“Written in the Body” in Xtra!, 29 March, 2007. Review of Babette Mangolte’s film Seven Easy Pieces by Marina Abramovic and other programming at the Images Festival.

“Deeply Unsettled and Uncertain” in Xtra!, 1 March, 2007. Profile of artist Steve Reinke.

“The Diva of Suburbia” in Xtra!, 1 February, 2007. Review of Oliver Husain’s video art trilogy SwivelShrivel and Squiggle.

“By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them” in Xtra!, 23 November, 2006. Biography of Charles Laughton and appreciation of his classic film The Night of the Hunter.

“Are You You or Are You Me?” in Xtra!, 17 August, 2006. Review of Louis Pepe & Keith Fulton’s film Brothers of the Head.

“Queer Manifestations” in Xtra!, 20 July, 2006. Review of the exhibition Andy Warhol/Supernova: Stars, Death and Disaster 1962-1964 at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.

“Prairie Babylon” in Xtra!, 13 April, 2006. Interview with artist Daniel Barrow and review of his public access TV curatorial project Winnipeg Babysitter at the Images Festival.

“The Passion” in Xtra!, 16 February, 2006. Review of Javier Téllez’s video installation La Passion de Jeanne d’Arc (Rozelle Hospital) at The Power Plant, Toronto.

“Sexual Environments” in Xtra!, 2 February, 2006. Interview with painter Rebecca Anweiler and review of her exhibition Nature Lover at Katherine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects, Toronto.

“Dawn of Gay Time” in Xtra!, 19 January, 2006. Review of Kenneth Anger’s 1947 film Fireworks.

“Astounding Adventure” in Xtra!, 5 January, 2006. Review of John Geiger’s book “Nothing is True Everything is Permitted: The Life of Brion Gysin.”

“The Bold and the Blubbering” in Xtra!, 22 December, 2005. Compendium of the most potent scenes in sixties Hollywood queer cinema.

“Bounding over Boundaries” in Xtra!, 10 November, 2005. Preview of the Toronto Dance Theatre and The Hidden Cameras’ performance In the Boneyard.

“Love Avant-Garde” in Xtra!, 27 October, 2005. Reviews of The Memo Book (ed. Stefanie Schulte) and of the art of Matthias Müller and Chirstoph Girardet.

“Manned Claims” in Xtra!, 13 October, 2005. Feature interview with artist and filmmaker Kent Monkman.

“Libertine Liar” in Xtra!, 21 July, 2005. Article on Federico Fellini’s 1969 film Fellini Satyricon.

“Eloquent Ambiguity” in Xtra!, 7 July, 2005. Review of the Fennel Plunger Corporation’s exhibition Regarding the Pain of Susan Sontag (Notes on Camp) at Gallery TPW, Toronto.

“Haunting Reality” in Xtra!, 9 June, 2005. Interview and feature on Gregg Araki’s film Mysterious Skin.

“A Funky Parliament” in Xtra!, 26 May, 2005. Review of Luis Jacob’s installation Flashlight at the Toronto Sculpture Garden.

“Energetic Freedom” in Xtra!, 31 March, 2005. Review of the exhibition Edgewise: A Slice of Video by Paul Wong at Vtape, Toronto.

“Sexual Liberation” in Xtra!, 17 February, 2005. Review of Bruce LaBruce’s film The Raspberry Reich.

“Howling & Homemade” in Xtra!, 20 January, 2005. Review of Jonathan Caouette’s film Tarnation.

“Sex = Knowledge = Power” in Xtra!, 6 January, 2005. Career overview and interview with artist Shu Lea Cheang.

“Humiliation” in Xtra!, 30 September, 2004. Review of Steve Reinke’s exhibition Anthology of American Folk Song at Robert Birch Gallery. Revised and reprinted as “Anthology of American Folk Song” in The Little Joe Clubhouse Reader, edited by Sam Ashby and printed 2012.

“Trash or Treasure” in Xtra!, 8 July, 2004. Review of Laura Kikauka’s installation Exactly the Same, But Completely Different at The Power Plant, Toronto.

“Flickering Liquor” in Xtra!, 1 April, 2004. Review of Peter Kingstone’s video installation The Strange Case of Peter K. (1974-2004).